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Emmpeccable Surf n' Turf Burger w/ "Aioli"

Surf and turf is one of my favorite genres of food but normally it's relegated to restaurant-esque dishes with Steak Oscar. But with this recipe, we're bringing the delicious flavors of earthy meats and seafood together on a good ole American burger.

1 lb Ground beef 85% lean 15% fat

½ lb Ground Lamb

3 tbsp paprika

2 tsp cayenne

5 cloves garlic

1 small-medium shallot

1 cup mayonnaise

2 tbsp dijon mustard


Munster cheese

Baby arugula (just cause)

We're going to start with the kickin' "aioli" because it tastes best when it has had time to sit. Aioli is in parenthesis because traditional aioli involves olive oil, but we're just going to roll with it. I love this recipe because it's a perfect blend of tanginess and heat which will add some acidity to our burger.

Kickin "Aoili":

1. Chop up the garlic into ½ in pieces

2. Combine the garlic with the mayo, mustard, paprika, and cayenne and whisk until well blended

3. Take your lemon and squeeze in about a tablespoon of juice. You can squeeze in more or less depending on your tang preferences.

Set that aside in the fridge if you would like. I don't, but do you.

We're using two types of "turf" for this burger. Beef and lamb. Beef is traditionally used in burgers so that's a no brainer, but I dd lamb because of the rich gamey flavor it adds as a contrast to the shrimp. Along with that, burger patties tend to dry out and lamb meat is rich and fatty so, boom double whammy.

Burger patties:

1. Gently massage the beef and lamb together to combine. You don't want to overdo this because we're massaging them again later and that will lead to toughness.

2. Chop up 3 cloves of garlic and the shallot to ½-1 inch pieces

3. Toss in 1 tbsp To My Yang all-purpose seasoning blend, red pepper flakes, cayenne, Worchester sauce, garlic, shallots

4. Massage together with the meat. Add half the You're the Yin all-purpose seasoning.

Let this rest for about 30 minutes.

The shrimp:

I'm using colossal sized shrimp for scale on the burger and texture. Any size would work really.

1. Combine 2 tsp of paprika with 2 tsp of the To My Yang all-purpose seasoning blend

2. Massage and mix together

Bring it all together.

1. I start with making the shrimp in a medium-sized skillet on medium to high heat.

2. Sautee with the ghee or butter for ABOUT 10 minutes or so or until the shrimp starts browning and crisping. DO NOT overcook. Cover and keep warm until ready.

3. Take your rested and well seasoning meat and form 3-4 patties. Sprinkle the rest of the You're The Yin all-purpose seasoning blend on top which will create a crust of flavor, long in that juiciness.

4. On a grill or in a very hot skillet (ayooo) place your patties and grill/cook until brown. These are #thicc, so you'll add about 3 more minutes to the usual 3-5 minutes on each side. About halfway through cooking the second side add your cheese and then cover to steam and melt the cheese.

5. Once done, let the meat rest.

6. Toast your buns, we're fancy so Brioche it is. And then spread the kicking 'aioli" on both halves.

7. I add a sprig of arugula to feel somewhat healthy, then the patty, and shrimp.


Serve with fries which the sauce is also great for.

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