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The Story of Emmpeccably Seasoned

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How it started...

What's cooking good lookin'? I'm Emma and this is the official Emmpeccable Eats and Seasoned website.

Emmpeccably Seasoned started as Emmpeccable Eats: my personal culinary brand that I developed from my passion for food, flavor, and flair. I took pride in creating custom blends for my clients thought would keep their palates and imaginations engaged. 


My gourmet, handmade seasoning brand Emmpeccably Seasoned was birthed from a strong desire to change the lackluster seasoning industry. Row after row of Cajun and lemon pepper blends has become the norm on many store shelves, killing the most important parts of cooking: the fun, flavor, and story that any good meal requires. My mission is to change that. It's time to bring back creativity and serious flavor to cupboards everywhere with Emmpeccably delicious blends that have a unique story and flavor profile. 

I truly believe we all have a little Gordon Ramsey in us that is just waiting to be unleashed and my mission is to help empower anyone & everyone to truly have fun with the culinary arts. 

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How it's going:

You can find Emmpeccably Seasoned in-store at:

Green Top Grocery

921 E Washington St

Bloomington, IL 61701


1403 N Veterans Pkwy

 Bloomington, IL 61704

Harvest Mercantile

705 N Side Square

Clinton, IL 61727

Emmpeccably Seasoned is a proud alumni of Target Accelerators

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