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I love these so much! I got the sample set with the four different seasonings. So very impressed! Will 100% be a regular customer now! :)

Kalee Evans

"I have made it to the DARK side and I am in LOVE!! I own a small catering business by the name of Whisk & Soul, we specialize in many different things but FLAVOR is our number one priority. With that being said, I had to try every seasoning blend Emma offers. "Your The Yin" is a great seasoning blend that I use for my grilled steaks and smoked salmon. However, it can honestly be used for anything!! who knew activated charcoal could be so GOOD!!"

Craig Smith

"Returning customer! I have been hooked on Emmpeccable Eats blends for over a year now. It's nice to take the work out of mixing spices together to obtain the perfect flavors. These seasonings are flavorful, bold, and delicious. I enjoy the versatility!"

Kelsey S.

"I can not stop raving about Express Yo’self! First off, these seasoning names are so unique that they immediately draw you in! This seasoning definitely allows you to express your culinary ideas. I am not a coffee drinker, but this seasoning is so well balanced with the ancho chili that it’s a perfect seasoning to use on a variety of dishes. I used it to marinate some chicken with some Greek yogurt and To My Yang and WOW!! Flavor galor!"

Daisy Garcia

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