Seasoning Salts

How Seasoning Salts Can Make Your Food Sing

If you’re tired of the same old bland foods, seasoning salts offer an easy way to add tons of flavor to a range of different meals. From steak and burgers to chicken or fish, you can use this seasoning to bring anything to life. Whether it’s a delicious Parmesan basil salt for your Italian foods or a lemon and thyme-infused salt for chicken and more, there are plenty of ways you can breathe new life into your favorite foods.

Depth of Flavor

Seasoning salts add richness and brightness to almost any meal. You can add these salts to practically anything, and you can choose a variety of options depending on what you need to season. Most seasoning salts work well with savory dishes like meats, potatoes, and fish. Sprinkle some on before you cook the meat to give it a bold, flavorful punch. When you add the salts to meat and then sear it, it’ll seal the flavor in and result in an amazing meal every time.

Elevate your Favorite Recipes

Even if you have a few tried and true recipes that you tend to make often, they can be even better with some delicious seasoning salts. For example, Parmesan basil salt is a perfect way to give chicken, pasta, and other Italian dishes an incredible flavor. The deep flavor of Parmesan and the brightness of basil combine together to give your favorite meals a new twist. Look for seasoning salts made for all of your favorite recipes, so you can give them a delicious new update.

Create Custom Marinades and Sauces

Another great way to use seasoning salts is to create your own rubs, marinades, and sauces. You can rub the seasoning salt directly onto raw meat before cooking or sprinkle it in some sauce to give it a bold new flavor. Mix it with a marinade and watch your favorite steak, fish, and poultry dishes sing.