Seasoning Blends

Flavor Guide 

If you’re looking for ways to give your favorite dishes more flavor, our gourmet seasoning is a perfect choice. These delicious seasoning blends will add excitement to all your favorite recipes while adding tons of unique flavor to make every meal better. Here are some of our amazing seasoning blends that’ll make every cooking and eating experience one to remember.


  • Hey, Hot Stuff: this gourmet seasoning is perfect if you’re looking for something spicy. With three different chili peppers, fresh lime, and an abundance of flavor, this spicy seasoning blend is sure to make your taste buds perk up!

  • You’re the Yin: Try this all-purpose blend to add savory flavor to meats, poultry, and fish. You can use it as a rub, add it to a marinade, or include it with your favorite sauces for deliciously grilled meats.

  • To my Yang: Give this light seasoning blend a try with its full-body flavor. It pairs great with You’re the Yin and lets you experience the richness of umami without tons of sodium.

  • Gar-Lick the Plate: The name of this seasoning blend says it all. With tons of garlicky flavor, this gourmet seasoning is a great addition to your favorite pasta dishes, garlic bread, burgers, chicken, and more. Just the right amount of cayenne pepper adds the perfect, subtle amount of kick.

  • Oh, Kale Yeah! Enhance bland veggie dishes and raw greens with this amazing blend of spices and flavor. This filler-free seasoning adds tons of flavor to potatoes, vegetable dishes, and meat like lamb, veal, and a variety of seafood. The blend includes cilantro, Serrano pepper, paprika, and lots of other spices to help make those boring side dishes and meals a lot more flavorful and exciting.

No matter what type of gourmet seasoning you choose, you’ll love our unique flavor combinations. Visit our online store and get ready to make your next meal one you’ll remember!