DIY Fruit and Veggie Wash

Ready for some dirty talk? ;)

*whispers* Most traditional grocery stores are filthy. And the grocery cart you just got done using was more than likely covered with fecal matter!

Okay, so definitely not the good kind of dirty talk, but important nonetheless!

A study by Utah State University found that grocery carts harbor more germs than a public bathroom! The study notes that that could be because of the routine cleaning maintenance that the bathrooms go through, but still. YIKES.

Here's an infographic form Southeast Produce Weekly that puts into perspective how nasty things can get.

Oh my...

So yeah, cleaning your produce is imperative. And there's a proper way to do it because simply running your fruits and veggies under water definitely won't cut it.

Proper cleaning requires;

The proper cleaning ingredients*




The following recipe for my fruit and veggie wash works with both hard-skinned and soft-skinned fruits and vegetables. The only difference is in technique.


2 ½ cups water

1 cup distilled white vinegar

½ lemon squeezed

2 tbsp sea salt


Vinegar is naturally acidic. This kills germs and bacteria by penetrating their cell membranes.

Sea Salt is a natural disinfectant. It uses reverse osmosis to pull the water out of the cell membranes of germs and bacteria.

Lemon has a pleasant natural scent and can kill mold, bacteria, and other germs.

Water diffuses the acidity and is absolutely paramount in thorough cleansing

To make the fruit and Veggie wash:

1. Pour the water into a spray bottle

2. Mix up the vinegar, salt, and lemon juice until the salt dissolves

3. Pour the vinegar solution into the water and shake

*Do NOT add baking soda to this! Baking soda is also a great cleanser don't bet me wrong. However, vinegar and lemon are acidic so adding the baking soda will neutralize your mixture, rendering it virtually ineffective in cleaning your fruits and veggies.

To cleanse hard-skinned veggies and fruit:

Adult NERF gun action

1. Spray the fruits or veggies with your veggies wash until thoroughly soaked. This is my favorite part of the process because it definitely gives me Nerf gun flashbacks.

2. Let them sit for a while to...mariante? and let the acids do their thing.

3. After about 10-15 minutes, wash em up. I def recommend using a brush or scrubber to really help agitate the gunk away.

4. Thoroughly cleanse

5. Pat dry and admire your shiny, thoroughly CLEAN fruits and veggies.

For soft-skinned fruits and veggies, you're going to want to do a deep soak.

1. Place the fruits and veggies in a large container and add water about halfway.

2. Pour the fruit and veggies wash over them and gently toss to mix the solution in. I don't really have a measurement for how much you should use, because the number of fruits and veggies you're washing will vary, but I basically match the about of water I've put in.

3. After soaking for about 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly

4. Gently pat dry.

So we don't always have control of how clean our environment is outside of our homes, but I know you guys like me will be damned before cleaning or properly any food that goes into your mouth.

Squeaky Clean

Test it out and lmk what you think!



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