Culinary Crime Case-study: Casseroles

Just LOOK at it.

Along with bottled pasta sauce, pineapples on pizza, and anything made in a Crock-Pot 99.9% of casseroles are culinary disasters. I refuse to eat them and don’t get mad at me if you invite me over present a casserole to me as food and I walk out. I will request to use the bathroom, and while I’m in there, call the cops on you.

I named my private chef service and this blog Emppeccabele Eats for a reason, I believe passionately that everyone has a right to enjoy well made, elevated food. And no one should be subjected to anything less!

Casseroles or baked food compost violate every one of those principles with their haphazard ingredient combinations. They are mostly made in the sake of convenience.

I get it. No, everyone is a chef or has the time to make picture-perfect meals ever night. Food does not have to be extravagant or extra (all the time), BUT it should be made with well put together ingredients and not just because it's easy. Casseroles are lazy, generally provide no nutritional value, are almost always overcooked ANNNNNNNNNNNNND let's be real here people.... have you ever seen a casserole that wasn’t an eyesore?

Here we have an up-close look at perennial Thanksgiving table staple green bean casserole AKA my arch-nemesis.

Ugh :(

Not to be dramatic, but honestly whoever created that culinary atrocity should have their names etched out of the history of cooking.

Casseroles need to go away. We can do better.

PROMISE me you will.

Also, lasagna is NOT a casserole. Don’t ever disrespect a legend like that.

Share this with someone to drop a hint and/or save a life.

Xoxo, Emma



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