Charcoal Seasoning

What is Charcoal Seasoning?

If you’re looking for unique seasoning to give your foods more flavor, consider charcoal seasoning for your next recipe. This seasoning consists of a variety of ingredients including activated charcoal and a blend of other tasty flavors like garlic and onion powder. This unique seasoning also mixes well with salt, making it an excellent choice for a delicious rub or condiment. The idea of charcoal seasoning began back in 1935 in Montgomery, Alabama. Soon, customers were flocking to buy this unique seasoning thanks to its ability to make steaks and other meats taste flavorful and delicious.

What Does it Taste Like?

You can find charcoal seasoning in a variety of blends that mix different ingredients to create unique flavor profiles. However, the main flavor is smoky and savory which makes it an excellent choice to season a variety of meat, especially when cooking it on the grill. Other common ingredients include salt and MSG to give the seasoning a lot more flavor and a salty punch. The flavor profile can vary, and our You’re the Yin offers unique seasoning and a flavorful punch to your favorite savory foods and dishes.

Popular Flavors

While the base of any charcoal seasoning is activated charcoal, other ingredients are added to give it a unique spin. Our special blend includes a combination of Black Sea salt, dehydrated garlic and onion, a blend of spices, and chili peppers to give it a final punch. You’ll notice a smoky flavor with charcoal seasoning, which typically comes from salt and garlic. The combination of different components makes this seasoning a perfect choice when you’re barbecuing on the grill or making a favorite seafood dish. Check out charcoal seasoning if you want something that’s truly unique. This seasoning is sure to become a staple in your pantry, and you’ll find yourself using it on just about everything!

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