Artisan Salts

All About Artisan Salts

If you’re looking for some delicious handmade seasoning, artisan salts are a perfect fit. These delicious salts will instantly add more flavor to any meal, and you can incorporate them in anything from sauces and dressings to marinade and much more. So, what are artisan salts, and what makes them different from traditional salt and other flavorings? Here are some quick facts about these salts, so you can see how they stand apart from the crowd.


  • The term artisan salts refer to how they are made and that this handmade seasoning is crafted with care by an individual rather than being mass-produced. The result is smaller batches and higher quality ingredients.

  • Using these salts will bring vibrant flavor to your favorite foods. The mixture of minerals and other ingredients gives each blend its own unique flavor profile.

  • The way artisan salts are produced is different from table salt. Standard store-bought table salt is made with sodium chloride and iodine in some cases to meet regulations, while artisan salts tend to be made with all-natural ingredients.

  • This handmade seasoning tends to cost more than traditional salt, but it’s well worth it when you add it to your next recipe. Trust us!

  • Sea salt has less sodium chloride than table salt, so it’s a lot less bitter. Our artisan salts combine other ingredients to use flavors that will complement and enhance the saltiness rather than make it the only thing you taste.

  • You can find artisan salts in a wide array of unique flavor profiles, ingredient combinations, and textures that will make every dish you make a lot more interesting than simply seasoning it with table salt and pepper.

  • Not every type of salt is the same. Each form of sea salt comes from different parts of the world and different environments. That’s what gives each one such a unique flavor profile.